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A curated week in Rome - with a day trip to Florence


A week in Florence and the Tuscan countryside, tailored to your interests


A week exploring the small towns and villages of Umbria and Tuscany, with a home base in an exquisite hilltop city

Luxurious Villa

Experience a week of complete luxury in your own villa, with a private driver ready to whisk you off on new adventures every day

Why 'Magic Wineglass'

When I began this adventure, I told my son it needed a name.  He said, “Are you kidding?  You’ve been doing this for more than a decade.  And in all your pictures, you claim the glass of wine magically appeared, and started tagging your pictures #magicwineglass.  I’m pretty sure you already named your tour company.”

Kind Words

“My mom, sister, and I agree that there is no way we could have seen and done what we did in Italy without the direction and planning of our private tour guide, Sandee Wright of Magic Wineglass. She specializes in taking women to visit Rome, her favorite city. Though she is quick to tell you that she is not an “official tour guide” of Rome, she was everything we needed.

She speaks from her own learning from staying in Italy several times a year. She is American, and based in Maggie Valley, North Carolina, but her heart is in Rome. She is fluent in Italian. She passed along her love for the city, its art, its culture and its food to us and created memories that will last a lifetime.

She arranged all our tickets, our cabs, our dinner reservations and our agenda with a prowess second to none. She sidled us into cafes that had no seating and were closing their doors. She got us tickets for things that were sold out. She matched us step for step and didn’t over tell of the history of Rome, but rather sprinkled in just enough to be interesting. There was enough flexibility in our days to accommodate our relentless urge to shop at every storefront.

She was the brains behind our experience and we are forever thankful and highly recommend her if you want to take your girlfriends to Rome or want to join another of her groups that is going. We walked away from our trip with a love for Rome, its foods and culture imparted by Sandee, who became our friend.”

Jennifer Anglin
“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Sandee and her knowledge of Italy. Her suggestions and tips made our trip spectacular. We finished our trip feeling like we didn’t miss anything.

Sandee is so friendly & communicative. She responded so quickly to every message and was clear with easy to follow tips. She definitely the “go-to” for your Italy travel!”

Dina Rinee
The most amazing trip to Rome for me and my daughters with Sandee as our host and guide. She was so knowledgeable and we really didn’t worry about anything. We ate at incredible restaurants and coffee shops and we were immersed in the culture.

Coffee shops were amazing and comfortable. Good place to get the “vibe” of Italy. Everything we ate was delicious. Of course, Sandee knew where to go for a homey meal away from the attractions. She knew where to go to find these treasures.

Sandee found out what we were interested in seeing, being, and doing and she went to work making this a magical trip. The memories we have for a lifetime."

Judy Roney