Maggie Valley Family Wedding

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So, the groom had a whole section of the vows that he was going to recite
to his new almost-four-year-old stepdaughter.

He gave her a little ring.

Then he got down on one knee to make his promises.

“I promise to always to treat you
with love and respect.
I promise to foster
my relationship with you
and always be there for you
in any way I can.
I promise to support you
in your relationship
with both your mother and father
and I promise always to listen.
I also promise always
to treat your mom with love and respect
and model for you
a healthy, loving and supportive relationship
with the belief that one day
you too will find
such happiness in love.”

So you know, I’m fine with all that.  Except that, as soon
as he got down on one knee, she gave him a kiss
and then threw her arms around his neck
…and stayed there!

He read the whole thing with her giving him a big hug.

Just about the sweetest thing ever.  It was all I could do
to ‘feed’ him his lines without crying.